Halsey’s piece sheds light on how and why New York’s newspaper industry got started. With the shortage of paper discussed last week allieviated after the revolution, printing presses were now able to begin to produce materials for public distribution- only at first there was not much to distribute. Early publications were very small scale and extremely mundane. Periodicals had low reach due to the limited ability to produce volumes, an issue that would only be solved after more advanced printing press technology was imported from Britian later in the nineteenth century. There was also little content and what was there had a very low reach. Most of the content published was about ship arrivals, and privately-bought ads, a service that as Dr. McClurken pointed out in class, bolstered the revenue of newspapers until relatively recently with the birth of websites like Craigslist. Eventually, with the birth of the professional journalist and the increasing speed of printing press technology, as well as lowered operation costs, papers were able to be generated in larger volume and sold to larger audiences. This would later pave the way for industry titans such as Hearst and Pulitzer to become titans in the newspaper industry at the tail end of the century.

Beginnings of Daily Journalism in New York

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